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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Funding Opportunities for States

By Blair Lozier

On August 15, the Biden administration posted a document highlighting funding opportunities in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The Council of State Governments has identified the opportunities available to state, territorial and tribal governments. Deadlines for funding applications range from September 2022 to March 2023.

CSG created a timeline of when applications are due. Funding programs are identified by a color that corresponds with their category.

ProgramFederal Agency or DepartmentDeadlinePotential Funding Amount (in millions)Who Qualifies?
Transportation Programs
Safe Streets and Roads for AllDepartment of Transportation9/15/2022$50*Tribal Governments
All Stations Accessibility ProgramFederal Transit Administration9/30/2022$343State Governments [i]
Railroad Crossing Elimination ProgramFederal Rail Administration10/4/2022$573State and Tribal Governments [ii]
Reconnecting CommunitiesDepartment of Transportation10/13/2022$100*State and Tribal Governments [iii]
Power and Clean Energy Programs
Advancing Equity through Workforce PartnershipsDepartment of
9/13/2022*$1.5State and Tribal Governments [iv]
Preventing Outages and
Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid – Formula
Department of
9/30/2022$459State, U.S. Territories and Tribal Governments [v]
Resilience and Legacy Pollution Programs
Marine DebrisNational
Oceanic and
10/5/2022$56State, U.S. Territories and Tribal Governments [vi]
Coastal Resilience and Habitat RestorationNational
Oceanic and
10/5/2022$10State, U.S. Territories and Tribal Governments [vii]
Community Wildfire Defense Grants Northeast-Midwest Region Southern Region Western Region Tribal GovernmentsForest Service10/7/2022$10*State[viii], U.S. Territories and Tribal Governments [ix]
Brownfields ProgramEnvironmental
11/1/2022$300State and Tribal Governments
Abandoned Mine LandsDepartment of
the Interior
3/31/2023$72State and Tribal Governments
Broadband Programs
Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure ProgramNational
Telecommunications and Information
9/30/2022$980State and Tribal Governments
Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving FundsEnvironmental
OngoingState funding may varyState and Tribal Governments
*Funding amount listed is the maximum award per applicant.
All applications are due at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

[i] Eligible applicants under this program must be designated recipients that operate or allocate funds to inaccessible pre-Americans with Disabilities Act—or “legacy”—rail fixed guideway public transportation systems, and states, territories, Washington, D.C. and local governmental entities that operate or financially support legacy rail fixed guideway public transportation systems and corresponding legacy stations/facilities.

[ii] Eligible applicants are: 1. A state, Washington D.C. and U.S. territories and possessions. 2. A political subdivision of a state. 3. A federally recognized Indian Tribe. 4. A unit of local government or a group of local governments. 5. A public port authority. 6. A metropolitan planning organization. 7. A group of entities described in any of paragraphs (1) through (6).

[iii] Nonprofit organizations, metropolitan planning organizations, units of local government and transportation facility owners are eligible for a capital construction grant individually or in partnership with other applicants eligible for a planning grant. See Notice of Funding Opportunity and Frequently Asked Questions on the website for additional details on eligibility.

[iv] The Department of Energy will only accept new applicants for this funding opportunity.

[v] States may deem other entities as eligible.

[vi] All entities should be able to demonstrate the status of an underserved community.

[vii] All entities should be able to demonstrate the status of an underserved community.

[viii] States and U.S. territories applying for Community Wildfire Defense Grants must apply in their assigned region (i.e., Northeast-Midwest, Southern, Western). See the grant webpage for states and territories that qualify under each region.

[ix] Tribal governments that are not federally recognized are eligible for funding.