State Reporting

State Investment of the $26 Billion Opioid Settlement

By Ishara Nanayakkara In July 2021, four U.S. pharmaceutical corporations agreed to pay $26 billion to settle thousands of civil lawsuits. Multiple state and local governments and tribal nations pursued litigation against these businesses alleging corporate responsibility for the severity of the ongoing opioid crisis. Three drug distributors and one...

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Transparency of Transformation: States Implement American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Websites

By Rachel Dietert  Links to state ARPA Websites The U.S. Department of the Treasury‚Äôs Compliance and Reporting Guidance requires states, territories, metropolitan cities, counties, Tribal governments and non-entitlement units to meet certain compliance and reporting responsibilities regarding how they use and distribute Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. Entities other than non-entitlement units are required to submit an Interim Report, which contains obligations and expenditures. All recipients are...

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