State Vaccine Data

Less than 30%




Greater than 60%

State Vaccination Plans

States across the country have submitted COVID-19 vaccination plans to be reviewed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Plans are based upon the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations as developed by the CDC. States were asked to consider many different items including:

      • Public health preparedness planning
      • Phased approaches to vaccination
      • Identification of critical populations
      • Provider recruitment and enrollment
      • Capacity to administer
      • Vaccine storage and handling

Clicking on each state below will take you to that state’s current draft vaccination plan.

COVID-19 Vaccinations in the U.S.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is tracking overall COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration across the country. For state by state numbers on total number of vaccines distributed and total doses administered, please visit:

State Vaccine Review

Some states have stated that they will have in-state expertise review any vaccine that receives Federal Drug Administration approval before moving to statewide distribution. Click on the states highlighted below for more information on that state’s plan for independent safety and efficacy review.