Prior to election day, but who don’t specify timing

Upon receipt

14+ days prior

7 days prior

2-5 days prior

1 day prior

On election day

When States Will Begin Processing Mail-In Votes in 2020

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Not Specified

1-7 Days Postelection

8-14 Days Postelection

15-21 Days Postelection

22-28 Days Postelection

29-35 Days Postelection

Over 35 Days Postelection

Election Results Certification Deadlines by State

This map illustrates estimated canvassing and election result certification dates for 2020. In a canvass, election officials verify that each ballot cast was correctly counted. Certification is the process by which the results of an election are made official. Not all deadlines are specified in state statutes, but the data below is based on state election calendars, secretaries of state offices and state statutes. Click on the state for the specific certification date.

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Guam – Not Specified.

US Virgin Islands – Not Specified.

Northern Mariana Islands – Not Specified.

District of Columbia – 15-21 Days Postelection – (11/24/20).

Puerto Rico – Not Specified.



Election Results Certification

The map below tracks which states have completed ballot canvassing and officially certified their election results for 2020. Click on each state to see the date of official certification and link to the state’s elections website.

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