What We Do

What we do

Introduction to
the RA TA Data Center

At the Apprenticeship Data Alignment and Performance Technical Assistance Center, we have two main goals. Our first goal is to assist state officials and apprenticeship sponsors to increase alignment with national apprenticeship databases. To achieve this, we seek to standardize data reporting procedures, easing the burden of reporting requirements as well as increasing access to apprenticeship data.

Our second goal is to help stakeholders utilize this data in order to increase the number and quality of apprenticeship programs throughout the country. We work with state officials, apprenticeship sponsors, researchers and others to analyze data to reveal trends and patterns in the use of apprenticeships, so that policymakers and employers can meet the demands of changing technologies and workforces. 

If we can assist you with your apprenticeship data –data collection, data reporting, or data analysis— please feel free to contact us.

What we do

Definition of registered apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are employer-driven programs that provide hands-on technical training for individuals seeking new skills and Training and instruction are tailored to help the apprentice master skills needed to succeed in a specific occupation. The apprentice earns an income while they learn, and upon completion of their apprenticeship they earn a national, industry-recognized credential. Apprenticeship is a high-quality career pathway, with 92% of apprentices retaining employment in their field with an average starting salary of $72,000. These programs benefit employers and state governments by creating a steady pipeline of trained workers, lowering unemployment rates and attracting new industries.

A registered apprenticeship is an apprenticeship program that is registered with the federal Department of Labor.  In addition to the benefits of apprenticeships, registered apprenticeships provide a host of other benefits for employers, including technical assistance, tax credits, and federal resources. Please see the Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship page for more information on registered apprenticeships.   


The Apprenticeship Data Alignment and Performance Technical Assistance Center (ADAPTAC) is a four year, four-million-dollar collaboration between the U.S. Department of Labor Education and Training Administration, The Council of State Governments, Mathematica Inc., and The Turnout, LLC. ADAPTAC began in 2021; new materials and resources will be added to the site in the upcoming months.

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