Announcing the Inaugural CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Award Recipients

The Council of State Governments is excited to announce its inaugural 20 Under 40 Leadership Award recipients. With applications from esteemed and accomplished public leaders from across the country, these 20 elected and appointed officials represent their states and territories with hard work and a dedication to public service.

The CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Award recognizes the outstanding work of 20 up-and-coming elected and appointed officials from across the country who not only exemplify strong leadership skills but have also demonstrated a true commitment to serving the citizens of their state/territory.

Recipients demonstrated the ability to engage officials across party, departments, branch and/or state lines in meaningful ways to advance the common good for their state or territory, provided exceptional leadership to a state project, committee, chamber, commission or special group and served as a champion of change, seeking to enhance the lives of all constituents within important policy areas.

Congratulations to these 20 leaders:

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