The Workforce of Tomorrow Subcommittee

The members of the Workforce of Tomorrow Subcommittee have already done plenty of thinking about how automation, artificial intelligence and other factors are changing the kinds of skills in demand by employers and how education at all levels may need to evolve in the years ahead as a result.

The Workforce of Tomorrow Subcommittee Roster:

  • Co-Chair Sen. Lisa Keim | Maine
  • Co-Chair Assemblyman Walter Mosley | New York
  • Rep. Joan Ballweg | Wisconsin
  • Sen. Heather Carter | Arizona
  • Sen. David Givens | Kentucky
  • Rep. Patsy Hazlewood | Tennessee
  • Rep. Gary Hebl | Wisconsin
  • Rep. Ryan Mackenzie | Pennsylvania
  • Sen. Mark Messmer | Indiana
  • Sen. Michael Moore | Massachusetts
  • Rep. Vandana Slatter | Washington
  • Secretary John Tilley | Kentucky


The Workforce of Tomorrow Subcommittee Key Issues and Resources:


The three-year-old news and information website founded by former Politico executives frequently highlights stories with a technology, business or science angle, including many that touch on automation, the future of work, skills transition and education. For more information, visit

Brookings Institutions

The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit public policy organization has highlighted how 21st century emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced robotics are poised to transform modern society. For more information, visit

Consultancies: Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company

Accenture, the global management consulting and professional services firm, examines future work insights including reports on investment in artificial intelligence as it compares to investment in reskilling. To learn more, visit Deloitte, the multinational professional services network, focuses on human capital trends such as the need to reimagine lifelong education and reassess legal and regulatory policies as two implications for policymakers. To learn more, visit McKinsey & Company, the New York-based management consulting firm, has an extensive library of future of work publication. To learn more, visit

National Skills Coalition

The Washington, D.C.-based coalition’s website includes reports on work-based learning policy and apprenticeship pipelines. To learn more, visit

XQ Institute

Led by a former education adviser to President Barak Obama, this network of educators and others has been working since 2015 on ways to rethink and redesign the American high school. Learn more at

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