Equity & Inclusion Subcommittee

While everyone may deserve an equal chance to compete in the workforce, disparities in wealth, education, workforce training and access often create obstacles to the workforce for traditionally underserved populations. As our demographics shift, Americans are becoming more ethnically and racially diverse than ever before. This growing diversity is an asset that contributes to enhanced collaboration, motivation and innovation in the workforce. As our population continues to grow and diversify, states must find a way to ensure that underserved populations can fully participate in the workforce.

Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee Roster:

  • Co-Chair Rep. Andre Thapedi | Illinois
  • Co-Chair Rep. Deann Vaught | Arkansas
  • Assemblyman Michael Benedetto | New York
  • Rep. Donna Bullock | Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Jeff Currey | Connecticut
  • Sen. Jimmy Higdon | Kentucky
  • Rep. Javier Martinez | New Mexico
  • Sen. Becky Massey | Tennessee
  • Deputy Chief of Staff Mike Mower | Utah
  • Rep. John Patterson | Ohio
  • Rep. Melissa Sargent | Wisconsin
  • Sen. Michael Von Flatern | Wyoming

Equity and Inclusion Key Issues and Resources:


PolicyLink is a national research and action institute advancing racial and economic equity. PolicyLink develops initiatives to advance policies that enable an equitable economy, healthy communities of opportunity and a just society. PolicyLink offers webinars, articles and studies on equity in action. Visit policylink.org for more information.


Deloitte’s Leadership Center for Inclusion has changed the conversation of strategic inclusion. With groundbreaking research, Deloitte demonstrates how inclusive leadership impacts innovation, productivity and company growth. The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative and Deloitte recently joined forces to identify the issues impacting today’s diverse workforce. To learn more, visit deloitte.com.

National Equity Atlas

The National Equity Atlas is a policy tool for community leaders and policymakers that examines data to track, measure and champion inclusive growth in America’s regions, states and nationwide. The Atlas provides data on racial inclusion and the economic benefits of equity for the 100 largest cities, 150 largest regions, all 50 states and the United States as a whole. Visit nationalequityatlas.org for more information.

McKinsey Global Institute

The McKinsey Global Institute, the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company, provides facts and insights on topics that contribute to decision-making on critical management and policy issues. Visit mckinsey.com/mgi for more information.

Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution conducts in-depth research that leads to solutions to problems facing society at the local, national and global levels. Among other things, reports from Brookings have highlighted the critical need for accessible public transportation to address equity and inclusion in the workforce. Visit brookings.edu for more information.

CSG Policy Staff Contact:

Brandy Whisman | policy analyst
(859) 244-8241