CSG Associates in Action: Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Launches Coronavirus Hub

Following natural disasters and in times of national crisis, America’s private sector steps up to aid the states. We are proud of the herculean efforts of our private sector members, theCSG Leadership Circle and Associates, as we combat COVID-19 together.

Health care providers and researchers need supplies in order to do their job and combat the virus. The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), a CSG Associate, has done its part to ensure companies and health care personnel have the right resources to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a nationwide shortage of materials, and BIO has come up with a creative way to make more of those supplies accessible.

In response to COVID-19, BIO launched its “Coronavirus Hub.” This is a resource where those companies that have essential supplies, capacities and resources can share with those companies, researchers and health care providers who need them. It allows participants to ask for needed supplies and receive them at a much faster rate. The hub enables users to post requests for urgently needed items, as well as the availability of supplies and capacity.

The portal connects users in real-time through customized announcements and searchable keywords. Connections for medical supplies are facilitated in partnership with Healthcare Ready to ensure an organized and optimized allocation of items in need. 

The hub also moves to give users the additional resources they need to fight COVID-19 that go beyond the physical supplies. The hub provides users the ability to request or share other resources such as capacities, technologies or assets that may be useful in COVID-19 response and/or development programs. A messaging feature permits users to reach out to one another privately within the hub. To expedite access to this timely tool, the hub has an easy self-serve login providing instant utilization.

BIO hopes the hub will add to the many industry efforts already underway to fight COVID-19. More than 45 BIO member companies are working to develop vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. Larger pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, AbbVie and Genentech as well as smaller biotechs like Moderna Therapeutics and Vir Biotechnology, are working to identify and develop medical treatments to counter this deadly virus.

“Containing an outbreak like this is an all-hands-on-deck effort, so BIO is proud to be leading the effort to connect and organize resources across industry with the Coronavirus Hub,” says Jim Greenwood, president and CEO of BIO. “The U.S. biopharmaceutical industry is uniquely positioned to take on the threat of COVID-19. We have the best and the brightest scientists and researchers, all ready to do what they do every day: fight disease and alleviate human suffering. From larger biopharmaceutical companies to smaller biotechs, we are on the frontlines of the fight against this global pandemic. And as part of its response efforts, BIO is providing a central hub to coordinate resources so we can end this deadly crisis.”

You can access the BIO Coronavirus Hub at: http://hub.bio.org.

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